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CARDI mustering with independent designers from various styles to create a diversified range of fashion essentials (which include : bags, purse, jewellery and accessories, sunglasses, and other fashion essential) that fulfil the current trends.

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CARDI集合数名不同风格独立设计师,一同创造符合时下潮流同时能够带出不同气息的多元化时尚单品,其中包括:箱包,鞋款,饰品以及生活单品。 每件作品都拥有工匠精神又不失现代功能性。 我们主打以多元化,多风格款式为主,无论是轻奢,极简,文艺,运动,亦或是复古派,CARDI 让你随心所欲,自由穿梭在时尚与潮流并济的尖端。

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