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CARDI’s dealership system is categorized into two lines and three levels.
We provide a complete platform, fully-developed system, fair and equal dealership regime, as well as unceasing products development, leading you to start your own fashion essential business through CARDI.


Our Value-added Benefits for You Our Expectations from You
Superior platform, system and products Be in the front line of team and company, follow the rules to protect the market.
Extensive market supply with steady growth Accommodate to the company’s plans and activities
Online order, no stocking, single-item delivery directed to the clients. Be client-oriented,ensure no delay by placing orders for clients in immediate.
Fair and equal multi-level system Self-motivated and in pursuit of improvement and breakthrough
Online and offline training Joining the course and put training into action, transform into benefits.


How To Apply

Please get in touch with our sales department representative to know more about the detailed dealership procedure; or fill out the following form to submit your personal and contact information. We will get back to you the soonest as possible.


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CARDI 代理商制度分为两线 / 三级。



我们所能提供您的价值 我们对您的期许
优质的平台,系统与产品 站在团队战线,公司立场,执守市场
稳健发展的广阔市场供应 配合公司计划与活动
线上下单,无需囤货,一件代发 以客户为首,第一时间为客户进行下单程序,确保无怠慢与拖延
公平公正的分层制度 积极并追求进步与自我突破
线上与线下培训 吸收课业精华,实战操作,带来效益





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