How To Shop On Cardi
1. Select items and add them to your shopping cart 2. Click on cart to checkout, and fill in your profile / delivery address, then proceed. 3. Select the shipping method, and click on continue to payment.

4. You may enter any discount code and click on apply. 5. Confirm the list of items / final price and offers, and select the payment method to checkout.


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  • After signing up to become a member, you can log in with your mobile number; and also log in directly with your linked Facebook account. 
  • Do not have to enter the delivery information in every purchase after the first order is made. You can also choose the delivery information that has already been keyed in previously. To update more delivery information, just click on (+) to add new.
  • Each order can only use (one) PROMO CODE and CASH COUPON.
  • The status of item inventory is shown next to the name of the item. Pre-order of new product or out-of-stock status will also be displayed at the same position.
1. 选择商品加入购物车 2. 点选购物车,选择结账。填写您的资料 / 送货地址。 3. 选择邮寄方式,然后点选继续。

4. 您可以输入则扣代码以获取折扣。 5. 确认购物清单 / 最终价格,最后选择付款并完成付款。


Receive items
  • 加入会员后可以手机号进行登入;FACEBOOK绑定帐号可直接以FACEBOOK进行登入。
  • 第二次下单无需重新输入配送资料,可直接点选已输入的资料,若需更新资料可按 (+) 添加新配送资料。
  • 每份订单只能使用一个PROMO CODE ,购物积分,以及现金优惠券。
  • 商品名称旁显示商品库存状态,新品预购或缺货也将注明于同一位置。

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