Geometric Earring

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Light-gold tone geometric earring

Studded type 

18k gold plated collection 


Return & Exchange Policy

  • If severe defects (after the assessment)/damages/parts shortage found upon the receipt of the items, a request must be made within a 7-day exchange period. The item requested for exchange shall remain brand new and unused.
  • Requests can be made by contacting the online customer service.
  • After applying for the return and exchange, go to account information, click on item exchange and enter your mailing information.
  • Upon the receipt of the item, the company will review the request and contact you if the return and exchange is approved.
  • For successful return and exchange, the item will be mailed to you within 1-2 days.
  • The item returned must be in their original conditions (including all items that are in the original package: primary and secondary packaging, giveaways / promotions, etc.) packaging, boxes, certificates of authenticity, etc. must all be included.
  • The returned items must be in strong packaging and covered in careful for protection in order to prevent damages to the items and its packaging during delivery. If the original packaging is damage, no exchange is allowed or a damage fee will be deducted from the exchanged item.
  • Personal reasons and or issues with color mismatch are not accepted.
  • It’s necessary to keep the shipping documents until the entire exchange process is completed. This is to ease the process if any enquiry arises.
  • Item been checking with good quality controlled before posted, and is refused to make any return and exchange due to artificial damages or shipping damages.
  • Shipping fee will be pay by consumer during the return and exchange.
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  • 收到商品后如发现有严重瑕疵(经评估)/破损/配件短缺状况需在7天鉴赏期内提出申请,要求兑换之商品需保持全新未使用之迹象
  • 申请可在网页在线客服处联系
  • 申请兑换后到个人帐号界面点选换货输入邮寄资料
  • 收到商品后公司将进行审核再联系是否可进行兑换
  • 成功兑换后,将在1-2日内重新寄出商品
  • 申请兑换之商品必须以原状退回(恢复收到商品时的原态包含内外包装,活动赠品/优惠卷等)包装,盒子,正品证明卡等等均需齐全
  • 寄送回来的商品必须具有良好的运送保护包装,避免运输过程中对商品以及商品包装的损坏,若原厂包装损坏将无法进行兑换或需将损坏费用从兑换商品之中扣除
  • 不接受因个人问题或颜色不符等问题
  • 需保留寄送单据,并保留至兑换完成,以方便过程中查询
  • 商品在出售前已进行严密质检,不接受人为损坏或运输失误所导致的受损兑换。
  • 商品兑换期中之运输费用需自付
  • 若有任何疑问可拨电客服了解更多详细内容
  • For items bought offline (from our agents/ outlets), you are required to return to the stores with your original receipt.
  • If you have any complaints or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at email:

Handbag Care and Maintenance

  • Store it in a dry, cool, and ventilated place.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure, fire, washing, impact with sharp objects and exposure to chemical solvents.
  • The handbag does not contain any waterproof materials. If it gets wet, wipe it dry with a soft cloth to prevent wrinkles from forming on the surface caused by stains or watermarks. Extra care should be taken if the handbag is used on rainy days.
  • The use of any shoe polish is not advisable.
  • Do not wet nubuck leather, clean it with rubber erasers and dedicated supplies for cleaning and maintenance. Do not use shoe oil.
  • Protect all metal hardware and accessories with care, and high-humidity and/or high-salt environment will lead to oxidation.
  • When the handbag is not in use, it is recommended to store it in a cotton bag. A plastic bag is not advisable due to its poor ventilation -- poor ventilation will dry and damage the leather. It is ideal to stuff your handbag with some soft toilet paper to maintain the shape of the handbag. If there isn’t a cotton bag, an old pillowcase is well-suited for this purpose as well.
  • Similar to shoes, handbags are made up of active substances, Therefore, daily use of handbags will cause leather lose its elasticity. For this reason, just like shoes, you’ll need multiple handbags with rotating use; If the handbag gets wet by accident, you can first use a dry towel to absorb the water, then you can stuff some newspapers or magazines to dry it further. Direct sun exposure should be completely avoided as failure to do so will make your precious handbag fade in color, deform, etc.

  • Jewelry / Accessories Care and Maintenance

    • Our 14K Gold-plated chains and charms may lose its shine or darken over time. Simply use a dry, clean cloth to polish the jewelry and it shall regain its shine.
    • However, avoid exposing gold jewelry to water, sweat and other chemical substances (e.g. shampoo, chlorine or perfume) or it may experience fading of colour. It is not possible to regain its shine if the gold layer is worn away.
    • Our Sterling Silver and Silver-plated chains and charms may darken or turn yellow over time due to oxidation. However, can be easily polish them with soap, lemon juice, or hand sanitizer. Oxidation (being exposed to oxygen) is a normal occurrence in our natural environment. Our Silver collection is sturdy and can be taken with you wherever you go. We advise that you wear them daily; the oils in your skin work as the Fountain of Youth to Silver and prevent oxidation.
    • Our Leather Bracelets are made of genuine leather and should never come into contact with water or heavy exposure to sweat. Wet leather, like soggy chocolate chip cookies, will soften and break into pieces easily.
    • Avoid wearing the same piece of jewelry for a long period of time. Wear different pieces of jewelry alternately, especially during the hot summer. This is because prolonged period of contact with sweat will cause the coating of the jewelry to fade and corrode easily. Therefore, we recommend having a number of jewelry pieces for rotating wear.
    • Wipe the jewelry with a soft velvet cloth from time to time to maintain its shine.
    • Remove jewelries when performing heavy chores or taking a shower. Put them at a designated place to avoid loss or damage.
    • Each pieces of jewelry should be stored separately from each other to avoid scratches or chips.
    • Avoid harsh pull when adjusting the ring size and hoop earrings, do not put the jewelry at risk of deformation and breakage.
    • Jewelries with more complex designs which it’s not possible to cleaning personally, will recommend to looking for professional accessories cleaning center every six months for regular cleaning and maintenance.
    • For people with skin allergy to jewelries is recommended to wear electroplating jewelry. If skin irritation occurs, stop wearing immediately and seek doctor’s advice.
    • Wipe the jewelry’s surface gently with cotton cloth or tissue paper when it’s not in use. Remove all moisture and dirt, and keep it in airtight bag / plastic or box.


  • 保持干燥、存放于通风清凉处。
  • 切忌曝晒、火烤、水洗、锐物撞击和接触化学溶剂。
  • 手袋未经任何防水处理程序,沾湿手袋,请即用软布抹干,以防留有污渍或水印而使表面出现皱摺。如果在雨天使用,应特别注意。
  • 不宜随便使用鞋油。
  • 磨沙皮切忌湿水,应以橡皮擦及特别用品清洁护理,不应使用鞋油。
  • 应小心保护所有金属配件,潮湿及盐份高的环境会造成氧化
  • 包包不用时,最好置于棉布代中保存,不要放入塑料袋里,因为塑料袋内空气不流通,会使皮革过干而受损。包内最好塞上一些软卫生纸,以保持皮包的形状。若没有合适的布袋,旧枕套也很合用。
  • 包包和鞋子一样,是另一种型态的活性物质,每天都使用相同的皮包,很容易造成皮质的弹性疲乏,所以要像鞋子一样,好几个交互使用;皮包如果不小心弄湿了,可先用干毛巾吸干水分,里面再塞些报纸、杂志之类的东西阴干,千万别直接在太阳下曝晒,那会使得你心爱的包包退色、变形等。

  • 饰品保养:

    • 应避免长时间佩戴同一款首饰,要常更换其他款首饰交替佩戴,尤其是在炎热的夏天,首饰镀层长期接触汗水,容易消蚀,涂层褪色,因此最好是预备多件饰品以用作经常替换
    • 在佩戴过程中,隔段时间用细绒布擦拭,以保持首饰的光亮
    • 从事重体力劳动或洗澡时,应取下所佩戴饰品,放在固定的地方,以防丢失或损坏
    • 每件饰品应单独存放,避免与其它首饰或硬物混放,以免相互之间磨擦受损
    • 调整戒指大小及开合耳钉时,避免生硬拉合,以防饰品变形和断裂
    • 款式较为复杂的饰品,局部无法擦拭,可每半年到专业店为您做一次专业清洗、保养
    • 过敏性皮肤者可着重佩戴电镀首饰,若在佩戴过程中,发生皮肤过敏现象,需立即停止佩戴,并到医院做相关检查
    • 不佩带时可用棉布或面纸轻拭表面,清除水份和污垢,将它置放于密封的袋子或盒子中,避免与空气接触
Geometric Earring
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